Sunday, February 5, 2012

Headache Outta Hades

I had high hopes for this weekend. So many fun projects to do and places to go. Letters to write. Packages to put together. A lovely shift at the zoo on a warm afternoon. But my head had other ideas.

I got a nasty migraine, seemingly impervious to Imitrex and sleep, that ground through me for just about 40-odd hours. After nearly two days of lying in bed and slowly moving around the house with my neck held as still as possible, the pain finally broke. While clearly relieved that my head no longer felt on the verge of exploding, the duration of the headache left my brain muddled and fuzzy and loopy and shaky. I felt (and looked) like I had just fallen out of a nest.

But, goddammit, I needed to get out of the house.

After a short round of begging Matt agreed to take me to McKay Used Books, one of my favorite shops in the city. While the Sunday afternoon crowds were a bit much for me to handle, it was an immense pleasure to be doing something other than lying horizontally. I spent a half hour loading up on used books (mostly Margaret Atwood with a side of Clan of the Cave Bear) and replenishing my all-important VHS collection (first mentioned here).

QUESTION: What kind of movies peak your interest after a 40+ hour migraine leaves you essentially brain dead?


Total Cost: $3.40

Anyone want to come over for a movie?

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  1. ugh--so sorry you had a long distance migraine lady. I know how those are, all too well. But lookit all those movies! Timecop!!!!!